Children Hotel offers daily two menus for adults with dishes of meat and fish. We also provide menus for allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans.

This menu is for reference only and before 20.00 customers can order what they want for the next day in the direction of proposing changes to their liking.

For children and infants, there are no menus, it is the mother who tells us what we need to prepare for the next day pointing out the tastes of children to maintain the habits of their children.


Babies and first weaning

All that is ordered will be available to mothers already cooked and divided room by room so that mom can use it to prepare food for their child. Mom will just have to whip the order.

We can prepare baby food like mom prefers.

The food ordered are available in the kitchen of meals dallore 11.30 for lunch and 19.00 for dinner.

Do not pre-bake flour and pastries for babies because it would destroy into cooking will be the mother that can prepare.

For older children

As ordered by his mother, will be served at the table by our staff. Alerting the direction it is possible to eat half an hour before the kids even adults.

In the early afternoon is available to children with snack cakes, cake, fruit yogurt, etc..

In the kitchen for the meals is always available fresh milk, either whole or partially skimmed milk and a special request (HD, Rice, etc..), Biscuits, martellatine, honey, nutelline, crumbly biscuits, bread and breadsticks, fruit smoothies etc. ..

We do not have milk for weaning infants.