Family Hotel is home to only families with children for over 20 years.

Every child at the hotel has its own menu from the determined mother.

Family Hotel for years has been registered and certified by the Italian Celiac.


Preparation and administration of food

There is no pre-packaged menu, daily menu provides us with the mother of the child (or adult allergic) for the next day. It will be our task to prepare the request in order to avoid risks and contamination.

If the child still eat baby food from ready-made baby foods will be provided for mothers in the kitchen, open 24 hours a day, but if the child is older is regularly served at the table.

Our protocol requires that food allergies are prepared for early in the morning to ensure that there is no possibility of contamination or contact.

For the preparation and administration of the food we have a protocol of behavior that is used by all our staff who have been regularly formed just for the problems of people with celiac disease and allergies in general.

The food provided to people with celiac disease are those specified by the memorandum of the Italian Celiac Association.

For added security we inform you that the owners of this property about 22 years of suffering from severe food allergies at risk of anaphylactic Schock and then, knowing the problem first hand, pays great attention to every type of allergy.