Finale Ligure offers a good Health Care is for adults than for children.

You can have home visits, there is a Clinic with every type of specialist and also a well equipped hospital. áááááááá

The City has 5 Pharmacies. áááááááá

More specifically:


Medical visits in hotel

From Monday to Friday you can have a visit in the room of a doctor.

It 'just tell the direction of your needs and in the day you can have a visit to the doctor.


About 150 meters from the hotel, on the Via Aurelia there is the Clinic "Il Giglio" which can offer almost every type of specialist appointment in a very short time.

In addition to physicians has good Physiotherapists.

At this center you can also do blood tests and ultrasounds.

Hospital Santa Corona

For each type of emergency, even at night, is available The Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure Finale and about 6 km. from the hotel, reached by taxi in about 15 minutes. áááááááááá

This public center famous for its departments of orthopedics, among the best for the hip and knee, has 2000 beds and over to an emergency department working 24 hours on 24 have a good pediatric ward. áááááááááá

In this center you can find all kinds of specialization excluding Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology which are in Albenga (18 Km.) or Savona (24 Km.)


Finale Ligure has 5 Pharmacies that also provide holiday service in turn. áááááááááá

The nearest pharmacy is located about 50 mt. from the farthest is about 2 km.

Shop for Children

Outside the hotel there are two specialized shops for children with baby food, clothing and equipment.

The first is at 20 mt. while the second is about 300 mt.

For each type of information the Direction of Children Hotel is always at your disposal